Slaughterhouse Five

Well i Just got done with this book, i have to say its quite a trippy book. So it’s about a soldier named Billy Pilgrim who fought in World War II and keeps slipping in and out of time. He gets captured by German soldiers and then gets sent to Dresden. So the Bombing of Dresden is a major point of the entire book.

Oh, i forgot to mention that he gets abducted by some aliens called the tralfamadorians, I mean this guy is really tripin balls.  Although this sound ridicules, i though it was a pretty good way to explain how Billy kept slipping in and out of time. I found it very interesting how Vonnegut made the tralfamadorians. They could see into the forth dimension, meaning they essentially could see time. Like when a person died, it wasn’t as though they were dead, they where only dead in that moment, there were still plenty of moments when they had existed. Its kinda cool, but i suck at explaining things really. A big theme or the books is the concept of free will. Because Billy went into the future and the past several times in the book, he could not change the out come. What happened, happened and would always happened the same way.  Each event that past was set up a certain way and the situation never would change. Even though the tralfamadorians could see and go to different moments the could not change them.

Overall i enjoyed the book, i little bit of WWII information, some new concepts to think about and just plain entertaining. Time well spent. Well as i said before i suck at explaining an annotating. This was just a quick post, ill probably come back to it and add more. Well hopefully ill get better at discussing books or this blog will continue to suck lol.


~ by John on 01/31/2010.

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